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Since launching her first collection in 2011, Alejandra G has fascinated the fashion world with her brilliant mix of textures, colors and drop-dead glamour, which makes her shoes identifiable, exclusive and daring. A former television producer turned shoe designer, Alejandra G, has brought her collections to life with hard work and genuine passion. Behind all of the exquisite designs is brilliance that must be appreciated. Composed of exotic printed leathers and eye-catching colors, Alejandra's collections are not only luxurious and innovative; they are inspired by the European trends she was exposed to while she attending school in Milan, Italy. Her shoes are must-haves for celebrities like Tyra Banks, Roselyn Sanchez, Paula Abdul, Giuliana Rancic, Carmen Electra, Kimora Simmons, Taryn Manning, Carly Rae Jepsen, Audrina Patridge and Tamera Mowry.

Alejandra, a Los Angeles native who was inspired by her father's strong work ethic, eventually set out to travel the globe and master the art of shoe design. Before setting out on her travels and reaching her goal of becoming a well-known shoe designer, Alejandra had quite a few jobs. With tremendous drive to be successful, Alejandra explored being a kindergarten teacher, a real estate agent, a music artist signed to The Underdogs/J Records and lastly, she pursued a career producing for television shows aired on networks such as BET and Telemundo. After all the various potential career pursuits, one passion remained the same…Her love for fashion.

By always believing that shoes were the "heart and sole" to every woman's outfit, Alejandra was motivated to sketch her own designs. Branching out and connecting with others in the fashion world was second nature for the aspiring designer. This desire to become a member of the fashion industry led to a meeting with the well-respected Joe Ouaknine, a shoe industry magnate and the owner of Titan Industries.


As a mentor for the young shoe enthusiast, Ouaknine encouraged Alejandra to develop sketches that were breathtaking, bold, and brilliant. In order to further her studies in the realm of footwear construction and design, Alejandra attended one of the top design schools in the world, Ars Sutoria in Milan, Italy. Alejandra graduated at the top of her class, which ultimately led her to become an established shoe designer.

Alejandra G shoes are a combination of classical style meets rocker chic in which her personality is reflected through her collections. Launching her very own label in 2011, Alejandra G has impressed the fashion industry with her mix of textures, colors and versatile beauty, which makes her collection exclusive, one of a kind, and most-of-all daring.

Los Angeles based designer, Alejandra G, offers a bold and daring shoe collection that challenges conventional boundaries. The unique individualism, embodied by her overall design aesthetic, has captured the attention of celebrity fans such as Paula Abdul, Giuliana Rancic, Carmen Electra, Kimora Simmons, Taryn Manning, Carly Rae Jepsen, Audrina Patridge and Tamera Mowry. Owner and designer, Alejandra G. was a former producer and later studied in Milan where she eventually mastered the art of shoe design. With styles ranging from studded sandals to platform pumps, this designer-to-watch has surely made a lasting impression with her awe-inspiring shoes. By launching her first collection in 2011, Alejandra G has created attention-grabbing pieces that make an unforgettable statement when paired with any outfit.