Spring '18 Fashion Trends

Posted: Apr 03 2018

Hey Shoe Dolls,

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”  – Miuccia Prada

Now that fashion month is over, I am able to round up Spring 2018’s hottest trends. After studying fashion week from the runways of London, Paris, and Milan, I can definitely say I am suffering from a severe case of Spring Fever! Many of the go-to looks for these worldwide designers were categorized into 8 major trends including: jumpsuits, sportswear, denim on denim, trench coats, dresses on shirts, prints on print, and sheer dresses. To say the least, I am so thrilled to see everyone in Spring’s hottest trends from the runways to the streets!

Spring is so refreshing because I FINALLY get to put away all of my warm Winter clothes and bring out my “Spring Outfits”. As a designer who is known for mixing and matching prints, these new trends are right up my alley.

Spring time often brings about rainy weather, so of course I have to show off my light weight trench coats. The famous trench coat that used to be very masculine has been definitely transitioning to a more feminine touch with features like a flared or A-line silhouette giving you that classy, yet chic look with a modern sexy twist. When it comes to colors, we all know that pink has always been the popular pastel for Spring, BUT I have to admit, Lavender is the poppin’ new pastel on the block! I have a big feeling we are going to see a lot of this color during both the Spring and Summer seasons! During fashion week in Rome, sheer garments were the most talked about trend. It dominated the catwalks and each piece was so daring… I loved this look! Although I may not want to bare it all underneath my sheer outfits, I am excited to piece together some styles that show a little something here and there.

I adore all of the seasons and each for its own special nostalgia that it brings, but Spring has always given me an overwhelming feeling of newness and possibilities that I especially love. Flowers blossom and agriculture flourishes, but also we as humans use this new time in our lives to grow and shine in our own way. With every life change we encounter, it’s so important to look and feel your best. If you couldn’t tell by now, my fashion taste is anything BUT plain! I consider my entire ensemble like art, Spring season or NOT. I am definitely not the girl who gets dressed in 20 min because I love to get creative with my outfits. Due to my love for fashion, one of my favorite things to do is make style boards. Many times I wish these outfits would just magically appear in my closet and VIOLA perfect outfit each day! I tend to use pricey pieces which are not always affordable, but at least we can all get inspiration on some hot go-to looks for Spring. Every board I create not only allows me to swoon over these outfits, but also allows me to show you how to play dress up with my sole-mates (my shoes). Because “fashion is instant language”, my outfits tell you a lot about who Alejandra is and gives you all a deeper look into my personality. Make sure you check out my IG story daily for new Spring looks. Have fun this Spring season ladies, talk to you all soon!



Alejandra G.



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